Drama Cafe

books cooks seoul

Books Cooks (북스쿡스) is a cafe in Seoul. Apart from apparently being part of a drama shoot (nope, I don’t know anymore than that), this cafe is quite unique. It is vintage, artistic and traditional all in one. There are different areas; or perhaps it’s almost better to call them platforms as you’ll find that you go up and down two or three steps as you make your way from the counter to a seating area, to the bathroom, to another area, and so on. There are photos on the walls; there are books along the walls; there are tea sets around the walls; and sometimes you’re not sure which you’re looking at as the decoration organically makes its way around you. And despite all this, it is most definitely, serene. As for the menu, the food section is not large, with basically a sandwich, salad, scones (very good), and some desserts; they also do afternoon tea. The drink section however has quite an extensive selection of teas, including traditional Korean teas like date tea and grain powder tea. This place is definitely worth a visit.


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