korean bbq meats plate

Korean barbecue is fantastic. The meat is soft, the marinating is delicious and more often than not the restaurant staff will assist you with the cooking. So what exactly is ‘Korean barbecue’? Well, as with many cultures, it is raw dishes that are cooked at the table, either by yourself or with some help from the staff (if you’re having it in a restaurant of course). The dishes will usually be some form of protein (meats, fish, etc.) that may or may not be marinated and some form of vegetable (usually root vegetables) and / or mushroom. Korean barbecue is distinct in it’s specific choice of marinating sauce, meat cuts and wonderful selection of accompanying small dishes (ie kimchi, potato salad, bean sprouts in sauce, etc.) that complement the main barbecue items. The picture is of the main items of a set dinner at a barbecue restaurant in the Myeong-dong area of Seoul. These include short rib, sirloin and tongue (plus some mushrooms and veggies). Perhaps quite needless to say, but it was some of the best meat I have ever eaten. As a bonus, the waitress cooked it all to perfection for the table, and in this particular place the accompanying dishes comprised around 20 different things – seriously, I would have been full just eating a couple of mouthfuls of each of them.


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