Can’t See The Nuns For The Trees

sathira dhammasathan trees talk

Sathira Dhammasathan (also spelt, Sathien or Sathian) is in essence a nunnery and Dhamma center (Dharma) in Bangkok. Nuns are ordained here, practice Dhamma and of course help look after the center. It has a meditation center, a lot of greenery, ponds, beautiful structures and Buddhist statues. It also has a cafe and a vegetarian restaurant. It is open to all and you will often see foreigners and locals alike who go there for meditation, simply to relax and enjoy the atmosphere, or to take photos of this interesting place. The picture here was taken during a talk given by the head nun. You can see the nuns dressed in white robes sitting on the grass listening to the figure underneath the large tree on the right.


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