this ain’t no hotdog stand!

samcheong-dong hotteok

Hotteok (호떡) is a type of fried Korean pancake filled with various ingredients. It’s common and popular as a street food. The usual variety is sweet and filled with brown sugar, cinnamon and a little bit of nuts. There are variants that use honey, green tea, and other sweet flavors. There are also savoury hotteok, with for example, kimchi or vegetables. Pictured here is Samcheong-dong Hotteok, in… you’ve guessed it, the Samcheong-dong area of Seoul. They serve two types of hotteok: the typical sweet one (with honey) and a savoury one filled with vegetables and noodles. The line is always long, but as it’s a street food stall (and you pay by putting in money and taking any change out of a container at the front – very trusting!) things usually get moving pretty fast. I can contest to the fact that, the hotteok here is delicious! I will warn you however that it’s heavy, greasy, and you’ll probably burn your mouth since it comes straight from the heat, but it’s oh so worth it.


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