Welcome to my photoblog!

With the advent of better quality cameras on mobile phones, it’s easier than ever to take decent pictures on the go. Such a convenience has resulted in many using their phones over their cameras and helped mobile photography to come into its own.


I am opportunistic when it comes to photography; taking pictures when the mood hits or I see something particularly interesting. A while ago, I began exploring the multitude of camera / photo effects apps available and really enjoyed experimenting with them. I found myself getting more interested in how differently a picture can end up looking and ‘feeling’ based on what kind of effect is added to it. Things as simple as adding multiple effects, or even changing the order of effects can result in a picture having a completely different mood.


All the photos here are taken and edited on a mobile. In almost all cases the picture is taken with the stock camera and then edited, rather than with a camera / live effects app. I am not too serious about how I edit the pictures. Honestly, I just do what I happen to feel at the moment. And I almost never take a picture with the intention of adding an effect to it – that just tends to happen a lot!

N.B. Clicking on a picture or an external link in a post, will open the picture (image only) or external link in a new tab.


I hope you enjoy viewing these pictures as much as I enjoyed making them!

wizzypix  🙂