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A Natural Perspective

low angle branches white colorful

Another tree trunk and branches from a low-angle picture. You know, I always find it amazing how one can look at a tree, and well that’s it really, it’s just a tree. But then as soon as you go right up to it, stand by the trunk and look up… wow! That branching (well, this is where the term comes from after all) just produces such a stunning effect. In this case the change in perspective really transforms a simple tree into something worth stopping and staring at. Of course you don’t get this effect with all trees; but enough of them however that it’s worth trying it out.

Life of Pi 2

girl striped top mobile

[Spoiler Alert]:

The protagonist tells the investigating officials his tale. However they are unable to believe his account of the tabby that ‘played’ with the bunny for hours on end; swiping at it, continuously tapping it with its paws, even meowing right into the bunny’s ears, without a single reaction from the bunny at any time.

The protagonist then offers them a second story of a young lady in a striped top, entranced by her phone, which happens to have a bunny ear case.

“So tell me”, he asks them.

“…which story do you prefer? Which is the better story, the story with the animals or without the animals?”


jogyesa temple tree

Jogyesa is a Buddhist temple located in downtown Seoul. For locals it is a place of worship and a symbol of Korean Buddhism. For tourists it is a conveniently located temple that’s easy to visit. There are also a variety of stores located around the grounds that specialize in Buddhist items. The main hall (as in the picture) with that rare 500 year old lacebark pine tree in front make a beautiful sight. The temple site is relatively compact, meaning a leisurely stroll is all you need to have a pleasant experience indeed.